Marjorie Lutz: My World

Every day that I paint is my favorite day of the week.


My world of watercolor, acylic, mixed media, of color and illusion, of transparency and translucence, the vibrancy of subtle or intense color, of elusive and amorphous form – all of this is exciting to me as I am creating something new, imagining what’s going on in there, putting in more or taking out some, creating color against color with a concert of small tunes and single notes, a fugue of balanced and counterbalanced tones and colors.

If that sounds rather esoteric, I am comparing it to carving stone, which I have done for 30 years. Stone sculpting is heavy, hard labor involving great time and effort to produce one piece of work. By comparison, painting is a lark, a birdsong in the morning light that brings a startle of joy. Every day that I paint is my favorite day of the week. Everything I paint brings a surprise of what that thought or scene reveals.

I have lived many lives, many places, including Manhattan, Vermont, Florida, Italy, Libya, Texas, Oklahoma, California, North Carolina, New York state, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Connecticut, Fairfield, California, where I live now – and Cincinnati, where I grew up. From each place I have absorbed a portion of the culture and color, a reference point for future remembrance and my painting reflects that variety of visions.

The Art works that surround you reflect your unique and intimate beauty, that sense of grace and balance that is the essential you.